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Delivery isn’t Cheap. If you are planning to Order Online for Alcohol these days plan to pay 15% or More than shopping or ordering in Store not including Delivery Fees. If you plan to use Uber, Lyft or Taxi is way more. If You Plan to Drink and Drive then your Just Causing Yourself more Problems than you Need nor want Especially if it results in a D.U.I. and Possibly Losing Your License.

Stores that offer free Delivery often incorporate Delivery costs by raising their prices by 40% or More than in the Store. Here at Crazy Naz Liquor , we do our best to offer the lowest prices possible Per Item. One way we do that is to not hide the Delivery cost into the prices of our products, so that you can buy more for less.

While we do charge Delivery on all of our Alcohol , you’ll find that we still have the lowest prices and best deals on the web! Subscribe to Crazy Naz Liquor Unlimited Free Delivery Monthly Subscription.